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Butler University
4600 Sunset Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46208
For website, click here.

Citizen's Energy Group (gas and water/sewer service)
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Community Partners for Justice (Court Watch)
Phone:  317.327.1500

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD)
Report emergencies:  911
(Accident, fire, serious illness, injury or crime in progress that requires IMMEDIATE response)

Report Non-emergencies: 317.327.3811 (North District)
(Crimes NOT in progress, vandalism, theft and suspicious activity, runaway located, threatening calls)
Front Desk:  317.327.6100
Suspected Drug Dealing:  317.327.DOPE
CrimeWatch Website, click on
Community Relations Officer:  Henry Castor   Phone:  327.6168  or  E-mail:
North District Crime Specialist:   Jesus "Jessie" Olvera  Phone:  327.3781 or E-mail:

For link to IMPD North District
(MSF Area is in the IMPD North District), click here.

Indianapolis Star
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Meridian Street Preservation Commission (MSPC)
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Other Neighborhood Organizations

Butler Tarkington Neighborhood Association (BTNA)
For website, click here.

Forest Hills Neighborhood Association
For website, click here.

Midtown Indianapolis, Inc. (formerly HARMONI)
For website, click here.

Historic Urban Neighborhoods of Indianapolis (HUNI)
For website, click here.

Meridian Kessler Neighborhood Association (MKNA)
For website, click here.

Reporting Power Outages (IPL)

To report an outage to Indianapolis Power & Light Co. or a downed power line, please call 317.261.8111 or 317.261.8222.

Does IPL have your phone number in their customer service records?
If so, IPL can speed repair to your home or business when there is an outage through our Outage Self-Reporting System.

If the power goes out in your home or business and you call IPL's Emergency "Lights Out Day or Night" number at 317.261.8111 on your touch-tone phone, you will get IPL's automated power outage reporting system.  If you have informed them of your number, the system will recognize the number, then verify your address.  If your phone number is not in the system, it will ask for the Social Security number on the account or the IPL account number.  It will then give you some choices to determine the extent of the outage and probable cause.  If you do not have a touch-tone phone, you will be transferred to a customer service representative or dispatcher as soon as possible.

This system can take hundreds of calls in an hour. You do not have to wait on the line to report your outage.  And, IPL will be better able to analyze the cause of outages and prioritize efforts in restoring power.

So, tell IPL your phone number!

Also, DO NOT ASSUME your neighbor has called in the outage and therefore you do not need to do so.  It is best that each customer affected call and report the outage so IPL can determine the extent of the outage and prioritize their efforts in restoring power.

Reporting Street Light Outages (IPL)

Please report any street light outages to Indianapolis Power & Light Co. by either completing the online form or by calling 317.261.8653.

Before calling, you need the approximate location of the pole [such as closest cross streets] and the "facility number" on the pole which can usually be found posted on a metal marker six to eight feet above ground.  The "facility number" is very important in getting the light fixed in a timely manner.  Also, the style of the light (Cobrahead Light Post Top; Luminaire Post Top; Luminaire - Traditional Post Top; Luminaire - Washington Floodlight) will be requested.  To determine the style, click here for examples.

If more than two weeks have passed since you submitted a report to IPL and the light(s) are still out, call 317.261.8653 and check the status.

Traffic Enforcement
Phone:  317.327.2030
Government Contact Information
Other Neighborhood Contact Information