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Meridian Street Preservation Commission
The North Meridian Street Preservation Area
Indianapolis, Indiana
Kathleen Blackham, Chair
Meridian Street Preservation Commission
200 East Washington Street, Suite 1821
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(office) 317.327.5165 (Monday - Thursday)
(fax) 317.327.5103

Len Pilarski, Chair, MSF Land Use Committee
(phone) 317.352.2949

(Note:  Contact Len Pilarski for MSF Land Use Committee meeting schedule.)

Neil Bloede, Chair, BTNA Land Use Committee
(phone) 317.414.4934

Mary Owens, Chair, MKNA Land Use Committee
(phone) 317.283.4136
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Page Updated August 3, 2015

Reporting Possible Violations
in the Preservation Area
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MSPC Hearing Schedule
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Please Note:   MSPC currently does not have the funds to employ a Staff person.  Please do not contact the former Staff person, Connie Zeigler [317.955.0377; (email)] unless you are wanting to hire her independently to help you with your project.
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In 1971, the Meridian Street Preservation Act (Indiana Statute PL 260-1971) was passed.  It requires any owner in the North Meridian Street Preservation Area (both Primary and Secondary Areas, click here to view boundary maps) secure the approval of the Meridian Street Preservation Commission (MSPC) for any proposed change in land use (rezoning) or zoning variance of development standards (see "Preservation Area Plan" below under Forms and Documents).  In addition, the owners of properties on N. Meridian Street (in the Primary Preservation Area) must have proposed modifications of exterior features of their house and property through construction, reconstruction, alteration or demolition approved by the MSPC prior to beginning any work [see the "Meridian Street Design Guidelines" (below), the MSPC Chair and the Land Use Chairs of your neighborhood organizations for guidance].  The Commission hears and votes on these petitions (see "Sample Ballots" and the "State Statute IC-7-36-11.2" below in the resource area of this page).

The Commission consists of a nine-member board whose members are appointed by the Mayor of the City of Indianapolis and the Governor of Indiana to ensure that the Meridian Street Preservation Act is upheld.   The Commission is chaired by a representative of the City of Indianapolis Metropolitan Development (see IC 36-7-11.2-19 through IC 36-7-11.2-26 of State Statute in resource area below for details).  A representative from the State of Indiana Attorney General's Office serves as counsel.  See "State IAC Rules Title 925" below for additional rules that have been adopted to help the Commission administer the State Statute and govern the procedures of the Commission, applicants, and interested parties (e.g., supporters and remonstrators of an application).

The Commission meets at 4:00PM on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at Meridian Street United Methodist Church, 5500 North Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208; the hearing is located in the LOWER LEVEL in the LIBRARY/Conference Room.  Deadline for filing an applications is 30 days before the meeting date (click here for MSPC Hearing Schedule for dates of hearings and dates that all documents are due from applicants).  To get an overview of the application process, refer to the "Application Approval Process Chart" which may be found under "Applications" below along with the written instructions for filing an application (see "Application Packet / Instructions").
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