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Page Updated February 10, 2017

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Examples of the some of the historic Homes in the Primary Preservation Area. 
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About The Foundation
The Meridian Street Foundation (MSF) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization founded in 1960.  Our first order of business is to help support the preservation of the historic, scenic and aesthetic character of North Meridian Street between Westfield Boulevard and 40th Street (Primary Preservation Area; the North Meridian Street Historic District) and the surrounding area in which it lies (Secondary Preservation Area).  The Meridian Street Preservation Commission (MSPC; formed by state statute in 1971) governs the Preservation Areas(Go to the MSPC website to learn about the MSPC and the state statute.)

MSF members are residents of single or multiple family residential dwellings located in the MSF Area, which includes all homes bordering on and served by North Meridian Street, west side of N. Pennsylvania Street, and east side of N. Illinois Street, from the southern boundary of 40th Street to the northern boundary of Westfield Boulevard and all east/west streets and alleys between these boundaries (MSF Area is within blue boundary on the boundary map). The area consists of approximately 700 households.  All residents in the MSF Area are encouraged to join MSF; learn how to join.  The Foundation's board is made up of volunteer members from the MSF Area.   Members may also serve on one or more committees in order to meet the mission of the Foundation.
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